Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2023 | Fully Funded Program


The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2023 presents an incredible opportunity for young individuals who are eager to propel their careers in a meaningful direction. This international exchange program invites those with a passion for learning about Indonesian culture and honing their professional skills to apply. Participants will have the unique privilege of sharing Australian culture with the Indonesian community, fostering cultural harmony between nations and people. Over the course of eight weeks, 21 Australians and 21 Indonesians will engage and interact with one another, program alumni, as well as experts from various fields such as Indonesian-Australian business, diplomacy, and academia.

The fully-funded exchange program abroad, jointly supported by the Australian and Indonesian Governments, offers an exclusive merit-based opportunity with two main components: online exposure and in-country experience. Participants will embark on a comprehensive journey that begins with up to four weeks of online engagement, where they will familiarize themselves with one another and gain insights into each other’s cultures. This phase will also serve as preparation for their immersive experiences in a different cultural setting.

Australian participants will gain valuable working experience in Indonesia, while Indonesian participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Australian environment. They will actively engage with local businesses, organizations, special events, and participate in the Australia-Indonesia Youth Forum, fostering a deeper understanding of the respective host countries.

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The student exchange program is designed to nurture the development of intercultural skills among young minds through a variety of engaging cultural activities. Central to this program is the AFS Global Competence Certificate, a comprehensive curriculum that combines virtual learning with hands-on training through various modules. Each module incorporates quizzes, activities, videos, and forums, providing participants with a dynamic learning experience. Employing modular, blended, and experiential learning approaches, the program aims to foster intercultural understanding and competence among its participants.

The online modules are carefully curated to encourage participants to reflect on their own cultural identities, effectively manage their emotions, and build meaningful relationships that transcend cultural differences. By embracing this holistic approach to intercultural learning, participants will emerge from the program with enhanced global competencies and a broader perspective on the world.

Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2023:

Host Country:

  • Australia and Indonesia.

Host Organization:

  • Value Learning- Intercultural Specialists.
  • Australian Government.
  • Australia Indonesia Institute.

AIYEP 2023 Program Duration:

  • The duration of the Australia-Indonesia Exchange Program (AIEP) 2023 is of 8 weeks, including 4 weeks of online learning and 4 weeks of in-country experience.
    • Online onboarding session: October 04, 2023.
    • Program Kick-Off: October 11, 2023.
    • Online Program: October 11, 2023, to November 01, 2023.
    • Indonesian Group in Australia: November 04, 2023, to December 06, 2023.
    • Candidates’ meetup in Canberra and Youth Forum: December 03, 2023, to December 06, 2023.
    • Australian Group in Indonesia: December 06, 2023, to January 08, 2023.

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Benefits of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2023:

  • Under the exchange program, candidates will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the norms and values of other countries.
  • Candidates will have the chance to explore diverse work settings, expanding their horizons and gaining valuable insights.
  • The program also focuses on developing candidates’ interpersonal skills, allowing them to enhance their ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Furthermore, candidates will be paired with experienced professional mentors who will guide and support them throughout their journey.
  • It is worth noting that the full cost of participation in the exchange program is covered, providing candidates with a fully-funded experience.

Eligibility Criteria of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program:

  • Candidates, who are citizens and permanent residents of Australia, are eligible to apply.
  • Candidate should be aged between 21 and 25 years.
  • Candidates with a passion to explore Indonesian culture.
  • Candidates should have a passion to expand their knowledge.
  • Candidate should wish to contribute to the strengthening of Australia’s relationship with neighboring countries.
  • Candidates from all areas including young professionals, teachers, university graduates, or TAFE students can apply.
  • Candidate should have the aptitude to learn the basic Indonesian language.

How to Apply for the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program:

  • All candidates can apply via the online application system.
  • Provide all the required personal information, including your academic and professional background.
  • Ensure to answer all the questions that are asked during the application process.
  • Ensure to provide the supporting documents, if any.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.

Australia Exchange Program Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for the scholarship is June 30, 2023.




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